Friday, April 14, 2006

The Stench of Summertime Decay

August 8 2:18pm
The air is humid, the sky is grey and it seems as if any minute the clouds are gonna burst. Thats the last thing we need. More rain. My job is hard enough as it is. I can't complain though. Where else would I be able to take out my frustrations. Yesterday Sally gave me this little device I'm writing in. It automatically sends my logs straight to my email account. Keeping a journal is one of the few things that helps me deal with the stress of my job and these times.

Its been this way since before I was born. When my mother was young before she had me, everyone thought this was the last days of our world. Well thirty something years later and the end has yet to come. We try to keep the major roadways clear of them. Unless you live in a fortified property you live in the cities. Everything else might as well belong to them. They are everywhere. This being summertime you can smell them for miles when the breeze is right. Extermination and clean up is a dirty job but we enjoy it. You cannot get that stench off of you.

A call came in a few moments ago, one of the farms on the county line needs an extermination and clean up. I have to go pick Roger and Mike up. We will meet the others at The Moles Hole tavern to go over our game plan.
ETA 24 min to The Moles Hole

August 8 3:46 pm
The Moles Hole tavern is like our home away from home.Its a nice quiet place. It has four bowling lanes in the rear. League night is on thursdays. Next week is the league finals. We have to defend our coveted first place spot. Granted theres only four teams, champions get there picture hung over the juke box and a free pickled sausage every thursday til the next tournament in two months. Maximum capacity of the bar/bowling alley is maybe fifty people.

Tonight is a special night for Bill. Bill gets to bring his son along to show him the ropes. It should be a routine bullet in the head and burn the bodies later. As long as everyone follows the same system we always use, we should be home before the eleven o'clock news. One stop at the city building to pick up the truck and off we go.
ETA 8 min to the city building

August 8 4:10pm
City hall is dead in the middle of Cedar Hill. Cedar Hill is the only major city in all of Grim County with a population of about a thousand people scattered throughout the country side.

Lucky for us we have job security. There are more and more of them every single day. Plus this job comes with a company truck. An old beat up Ford pick up king cab with a gigantic tool chest in the bed. A keyless ignition cause God knows you don't have time to dig for your keys when the poo hits the fan. we loaded up the truck with plenty of ammo and bait. Bills son Jason wasn't shy about helping out. He will hopefully make a good addition to the team. Then maybe I can retire from this kind of work in a few years. Its gonna take a few minutes to get to the farm house.We have to go out old state route 52 to Linden Grove rd.
ETA 50 min to Linden Grove rd

August 8 4:43pm
On our way to Linden Grove rd, we spotted one of them about two hundred yards off the road. We figured this would be a good opportunity for Jason to show us what he's got. He loaded up his single shot .223, used the hood of the truck for support and dropped the hammer on that dried up sack of bones.
ETA 20 min to Linden Grove rd

August 8 5:03pm
We finally arrived to the entrance of the old farm. From the road you could not see the farm house or the barn. The thing that tickled me the most was the yellow ribbon around the old oak tree. Just like the old song from the early 1970s. The immediate area seemed secure so we unloaded here. Its pretty basic the way we opperate. Mike and Bill are our long distance shooters with there rifles. Roger and I run in with our shot guns. We all carry some sort of side arm, I carry a Desert Eagle my father gave me. We all carry macheties. Roger also carries a pair of "chucks" two one foot long pieces of balsa wood connected with nylon. I swear he watches too much kung fu tv. At least they are effective for him.

The grass was about waist deep through the front field. The sky was still grey and the humidity was high as ever. Your clothes stuck to you like a tick on a dog. After about a quarter mile the hill leveled off. Luckily we still have a couple hours of light left today. Poor Jason had to carry the buckets of bait all this way. Better him than me. The front field has woods on its western border and a wire fence on its eastern border. From here we could now see the farm house and barn. They are at least another quarter mile or more away. Beyond them is another field that goes down hill. There is no movement anywhere.

August 8 5:44pm
The stench of death was in the air but none of them could be seen. Roger and I took a short stroll tword the fence line on the eastern border. Mike, Bill and Jason were still within sight even though they were hidden within the tall grass. The closer we approached the fence the stench grew stronger. Roger and I readied our shot guns expecting to see a few of them but to our suprise none were to be seen.Instead we found a mostly eaten horse, not much was left. A little flesh was left on the head. It looked as though pirahnas had devoured the poor animal. Roger and I looked through our binoculars all around the horse field. Nothing, not a single one of those walking disease filled things could be seen anywhere. All of a sudden the jaw of the dead horse started to move and its eyes looked around wildly. It was as if it were trying to chew at our ankles. The disease seems not to show favortism to any one species. Roger removed his blade and plunged it through the horses skull. We headed back to the others and told them what had happened.

August 8 6:12pm
In front of the farm house was another small building. A path made of stones lead from the main house to the smaller building. Looking in the windows of the small building, we saw shelves with canned items and jams. A couple of freezers and a fridge were humming. So the property still had electricity. Behind the farm house another fence line could be seen, it ran to the barn connecting to it. From the back side of the barn the fence continued on as the eastern fence. A few trees and a wood pile are next to the house. we was dispatched here for an extermination and clean up. Where are they, its never been like this before. Usually a couple bullets and we are done. This is odd.


Saturday, April 01, 2006

Welcome to my Nightmare!

Welcome to my site. I know there is nothing much hear right now but there will be! I promise! Cross my bones and shatter my skull! I'll have some new art and writing up soon! So keep checking back!